Spaying / Neutering

We highly recommend spaying and neutering prior to your pet becoming an adult. The age recommendations might change based on breed and size of the patient. Typically, these are just day surgeries at the clinic. We run pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to anesthesia to ensure there are no internal issues we are unaware of! Patients are sent home with post-anesthetic pain medication and e-collars to prevent them from licking at their incision. Most patients take about 10-14 days to recover from surgery. We recommend you keeping your pet’s as quiet at possible during this period of time, no rough housing or wild play!

Spaying and neutering your pet can have numerous benefits for both pet and owner! It can reduce spraying or marking, roaming out of the yard, and aggression. However, in order to avoid having any of these issues we do recommend surgery before adulthood. Spaying and neutering can also lower risks for certain cancers, increase life span and of course, help to decrease over population. It is important to know that animals can start reproducing as early as 4 months! This is not healthy for them at all and can cause terrible issues for both mom and babies!