Susan Schoen, V.M.D.


Dr. Susan Schoen, joined Valley Vet Services in June 2017.  She practiced small animal veterinary medicine for over 25 years on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Dr. Schoen grew up in a suburb of New York City where she dreamed of being a marine biologist, veterinarian and farmer.  After college she pursued a career as a marine biologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, but realized her true calling  was veterinary medicine.  She moved back East to be with her family and attend the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  After graduation, she moved to Falmouth, Massachusetts where she practiced veterinary medicine, swam in the ocean, raised her two daughters, Emily, 22, and Jessie, 17, and developed a passion for training border collies and raising sheep.

Last fall, Dr. Schoen and her daughters re-located to Pittsfield  to pursue her  dream of owning her own sheep farm. She has about 60 sheep, 5 Border collies, 1 Border terrier, 2 horses, and a guard llama named Penny.  She has fallen in love with the area and the people.

Dr. Schoen loves getting to know animals and their people. She is especially interested in geriatric medicine, lameness, sports medicine and physical therapy.

At the moment she is “cat-less,” so she enjoys all the cats she meets through her work.

Dr. Schoen trains her Border collies to herd sheep and competes with them at sheepdog trials throughout the summer. She is bringing a 50- acre farm back in to use, so spare time is rare, but if she had any she would swim, hike and cross country ski and practice yoga.


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