X-Ray / Ultrasonography / Laboratory Services

It has always been important to us to have the ability to offer our clients the best services available! A lot of that includes state-of-the-art medical equipment to help us discover and diagnose anything that might be going on.

We have digital radiology that allows us to see images almost instantly. We are also able to send these images immediately off to board certified radiologists to confirm what we might be seeing.

We have access to an ultrasound machine in hospital that sometimes will help us see images inside your pet! However, we are not board certified in ultrasound! We do have a board certified internalist that travels to our client on an as needed basis to perform ultrasounds based on her availability! We are extremely lucky to have this service in our area!

Our laboratory equipment allows us to run an enormous panel of blood work that is needed both in wellness care and emergency care! The information we can gain in a short period of time helps to find out quickly what might be wrong with your pet and allows us to start treating issues even faster! Having the ability to perform onsite panels speeds up the process of having to ship samples to an outside laboratory in a separate location!