Senior Pet Wellness

We understand that as pet’s get older, they sometimes need more care than our younger patients. Geriatric pets deserve to live long fulfilling and comfortable lives, just like humans! We are able to assess how your older pet is doing, recommend appropriate diets and joint supplements. We know the older we get the hard it is to go up and down stairs! Pets can’t always tell us they are having a harder time! We believe in being proactive to try and prevent them from becoming painful and uncomfortable as they age. We have a range of therapies that are available to help these older patients as they age. Some of these include Glucosamine’s and joint supplements, anti-inflammatory and pain medication, laser therapy and acupuncture.

Most dogs are considered geriatric when they reach age 7! Approximately 1 in 5 dogs and 40% of cats has arthritis! Again, we believe the best form of treatment is starting with prevention, ranging from joint supplementation to a healthy weight and healthy diet! Your pet’s weight also has a huge impact on their health. If they are overweight, it can put terrible strain on their joints and intensify that arthritis. If they are underweight it could be a sign of a metabolic issue that needs to be addressed.

We also will be there when it’s time to say goodbye to your family members. We will do everything possible to make everyone comfortable during the process. We can talk you through everything and we understand that it is the most difficult decisions you have to make when the time comes. We also offer cremation and burial services when the time comes. Please feel free to ask our staff members any questions you might have before the time approaches.