Laser Therapy

Our Laser therapy machine is one of the favorites in the hospital. It is a favorite because of all the things it can help treat!

Laser therapy is an FDA cleared therapeutic treatment that manages pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow, circulation, oxygen and nutrients to the area being treated. In turn, it reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and pain! This allows for numerous conditions that could benefit from the non-invasive lasering!

We have used and seen success with laser therapy for post-surgical patients (specifically bone surgery), healing from a new or old injury, arthritis, severe skin infections or hot spots, chronic bladder issues, and severe ear infections.

Animals need very little restraint during the laser treatment. They should not be able to feel a thing either! Typically, animals need several treatments to have notable improvement. It is also safe to continue as a long-term pain management option. There are a few situations where we would not recommend laser therapy, please ask our staff if you think you might be interested in trying it with your pet!

A fun and very true story, when we knew we HAD to have laser therapy for our hospital! We were scheduled to have a demonstration on this new device, we had several hours that day blocked off for staff training and doctor questions. We had a very sick dog hospitalized that had been with us for several days, unable to stand, unable to walk. He had become severely aggressive because of the pain he was in. We had several medical therapies to suppress his pain, however we made zero leeway in treating the issue. For the demonstration, the vendor offered to laser the dog and show us how the machine worked. Less than 5 minutes after he finished treatment, Bruno got up and walked around the room, wagging his tail, not acting aggressive to anyone! None of us would have believed it if we hadn’t seen it. We know that the help of the laser therapy, followed by long term pain management, Bruno was given several more years of his life, which we were all grateful for!